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Some Choices You Have for Best Tee shirts

The best thing about tee shirts is that they can be worn the whole year round. But the riddle of what makes a t-shirt of best quality still remains a challenge. This is reason enough for huge brands to label their t-shirt as “excellent,” “essential,” “ideal,” “perfect,” and many other adjective they can think of. The best tee shirts right now may either be loaded with graphics like the Ksubi t-shirt or just plain and simple like T by Alexander Wang.

Designers have a hard time figuring out the best shirt since like anything beautiful it depends on the eye of the beholder. Designer Tony Melillo for instance confessed that he spent nine months on his t-shirt labels before he launched it. He said that there were several factors to consider such as the way the shirt drapes, its weight, the fit and its feel to the body, the way it can make its wearer sexy but not really too sexy, being see-through but not sheer, not too thick and too manly or too girly. All these things have to be considered to come up with a little of everything.

Another popular tee is the blue crew tee which is always considered a classic. You can also choose a non-navy-blue color. You can also wear the grey V-neck t-shirt which is the perfect tee for summer. If you want a tee that is good for all seasons, you can get the nautical striped t-shirt which can be blue on white or the other way around. Another good option is the novelty tee. This would have a mature slogan. This is also the favorite of political figures. It is also good for concert souvenirs and also for other social events. The pocket tee is also good with any jeans at daytime. Then at night time you can put a blazer on top of it.