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Why Choose No Minimum Customized Shirts

Custom shirts used to be so expensive and that’s because they are difficult to make. Digital print technology has changed this problem. Imagine the digital printing machine where you print on paper; it’s only that this time it is cloth that is used and not paper. With digital printing, you can have the best result when you use dark-colored ink on fabric that is light. Since it is so easy to come up with a shirt design in a digital printer for customized shirts, there are companies that can offer custom design shirts with no minimum orders or one shirt will do.

You should not be surprised however that since it takes longer to create customized shirts through digital printing than that of silk screen printing, it is more expensive to order customized shirts in bulk through digital means. 

Another thing about digital printing is that transfer paper is used with the shirt design which is then pressed on a shirt for design transfer through the use of a pressing machine. Companies differ in their customized shirts when it comes to quality and one of the identifying factors is the type of paper used.Companies that are more reliable make use of commercial grade paper instead of the ordinary transfer paper. The image is then transferred to the shirt with the use of the heat press process. Such prints on customized shirts can last longer than the ordinary printed shirts even when they are frequently washed.

The heat transfer method used in digital printing of shirts is good for no minimum customized shirts since it can only be used once and not in mass production of shirts. One great advantage about it is that you can have shirts that are uniquely yours and perhaps get three uniquely designed shirts of your own. One other advantage of it is that it can transfer images on the shirt in full color.